Therapy that leads to deep and meaningful change requires both therapist and client to grapple with the core concerns and inner battles that we all face as human beings.



What is Existential-Humanistic Therapy?

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I work with adults and children, with specialties in trauma, depression and anxiety, relationship conflicts, and play therapy for children.  As an E-H therapist, I work collaboratively with you to better understand and reclaim your life, reconsider patterns that no longer serve you, and to help you experience a fuller range of your capacities.  Click here to read more about my specialties.

About my practice


As a psychologist with advanced training in E-H, psychodynamic, and trauma-oriented therapies, I work with you to co-create a therapy experience that meets your unique needs.  I have trained extensively over the past 7 years at the Existential-Humanistic Institute, where I serve as the Clinical Training Director.  My specialties include trauma, anxiety, relationship conflicts, and play therapy for children.  I also offer consultation and supervision to therapists in training.

How can therapy help?

E-H therapy is founded upon the philosophy that each person's battle is unique, and thus, E-H therapists, as Irvin Yalom put it, "create a new therapy for each client."  By creating a new therapy that is based on your needs, we can get to the heart of what concerns you most in your life.  Clients have given consistent feedback that this level of presence and flexibility helped them feel deeply understood, and led them to reclaim important aspects of themselves.  


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