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IRL Men: Men In Real Life

New Group Openings in San Francisco and East Bay for Fall 2018

My good friend and colleague Brian Thompson and I are excited to announce that we will be offering two more IRL men’s therapy groups starting this Fall, one in San Francisco and one in the East Bay.  Brian and I have personally and professionally experienced the unique power of working in groups, and are responding to the need for places that support the emotional development of men in our present-day cultural climate.  

This group benefits male-identified people wanting to improve their communication skills, strengthen their relationships, and work through shame, anger, loneliness, or fears that keep them from thriving in their lives.  We look for members who are committed to depth work and can attend consistently.  

We offer this group at $75 per 90 minute session. Specific days and times to come soon.  

If you are interested in joining the group, please contact me here, or email us at to set up a free phone consultation.  



Our SF Group will take place at :

Sima Space

815 Hyde St.

San Francisco 94109




Our East Bay Group will take place at :

4279 Piedmont Ave.

Oakland, CA  94611