Therapy that leads to deep and meaningful change requires an attuned witness to support and challenge you.  I offer that support and challenge.

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About Me


I have advanced training through my work at the Existential-Humanistic Institute (EHI), where I currently serve as Clinical Training Director.  My specialties include group therapy, trauma, anxiety, social difficulties, and concerns related to identity.  I offer individual and group consultation and supervision to therapists in training and teach workshops at the Existential-Humanistic Institute.  Click below to read more about my background.

Individual Therapy

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As an E-H therapist, I work collaboratively with you to better understand and reclaim your life, reconsider patterns that no longer serve you, and help you experience a fuller range of your capacities.  Click below to read more about my specialties and individual services.


Men's Groups


We live in an age of growing complexity. As men, how do we navigate our way through the chaos to live a life that amounts to something significant? In Real Life (IRL) Men is a vision for how to help men forge new ways of being that are more consonant with the growing demands and complexity of the world.  Click below to read more about IRL Men's Groups. 


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