"We're all in the same boat."

Existential-Humanistic therapy holds the perspective that “we’re all in the same boat,” in that we all must grapple with the same basic concerns of living: 

  • We have unique meaning in the world, and yet we experience times when our lives don’t feel very meaningful; 

  • We are alive and yet we also know that death is inevitable, leading us to shrink away from taking risks that might make our lives more fulfilling and vibrant; 

  • We are both separate and connected to one another, each of which pose difficulties, such as loneliness on the one hand, and relational conflicts on the other; 

  • Life can be incredibly unpredictable; in one moment, we can feel like masters of our domain, and in the next, unexpected events can shake our sense of control. 

As an existential therapist, I hold tremendous respect for the unique ways in which each person wrestles with these concerns.  I see therapy as a very courageous endeavor that requires me to be highly attuned to the unique world of each person I work with.  

I offer a balance of support, accompaniment, and challenge to help my clients become more aware of their patterns of living, and how these patterns can both help and hinder their lives in meaningful ways.  As we become more aware of the role these patterns play, we begin to see options for breaking out of the mould and reclaiming our lives.  

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