Fees & Insurance

My fee for individual psychotherapy and consultation sessions is $165.  I accept PayPal, check, credit card, and cash payments. 

If you have out-of-network coverage with your insurance carrier, I can provide you information to submit claims for reimbursement.  Most insurance plans reimburse for out-of-network claims. 

The fee for group therapy is $75 per 90 minute session.  For groups, I ask for an initial commitment of 10 sessions, to give sufficient time to see if the group is a good fit for your needs.   

The fee for group consultation through EHI is $350 for each 5-part series.  For information about E-H consultation groups and training, send an email to Michelle Veysey at admin@ehinstitute.org



The following forms only apply to private pay clients.  If you plan to use your coverage with an insurance company I am paneled with, there is a separate process for completing paperwork.  I will walk you through that process when we connect over the phone or email. 

Adult Intake Packet 

Men's Group Intake Packet

HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices

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